• OUR MISSION:To inspire and empower our Chief Executive Listeners through Credible News, Informative Entertainment and Responsible Journalism, and Deliver Superior value to our Partners.    
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CLIENTS AS PARTNERS. As NDBC-MM goes about the daily routine in servicing clients (both affiliate stations and media) we develop a sort of “bond” within ourselves that we graduate from supplier-client relationship to friends. Friends alwas support each other, know each other’s goal and help each other in achieving such. Hence, we treat our clients "Partners" because we don’t outsmart each other rather help each other on the field.

BETTER. The services we offer are better. The normal run of an ideal media marketing outfit is to introduce their properties that suit the needs of the Media Entities and its products for awareness. From time to time, engage themselves in the below-the-line activations of clients as needed. We, on the other hand do better. On top these aforementioned services, we also cater to the other needs of the media agency like data gathering and creative buys. The affiliate stations on the other hand, would enjoy other services like NTC and KBP requirements that need to be worked out in the Metro. With regards to programming, NDBC does consultancies on their radio production, news and the like, even in the technical aspect.

EVERYWHERE. The stations and other properties we offer to clients cover an array of target audience, not to mention the existence of sixteen(16) local French tabloid newspapers and thirty-four(34) radio stations covering strategically the Mindanao area, some parts of Luzon and the Visayas. Add to that twenty(20) cable entities for those that cater to the niche market.

BEYOND BORDERS. In our endeavor closer to perfection we never stop thinking of innovations on how we could serve better our partners in the industry. No endings. No limits. No boundaries. It’s as vague as ones imagination.

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